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Logger L261 600VTrms ac+dc

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Equipped with a built-in storage capacity of 512 kB, the Simple Logger II models can save up to 240,000 measurements. Depending on the application in progress, users can optimize memory management very simply by selecting the storage mode and the sampling rate. The XRM extended recording mode is included on all the models. These complete instruments offer tools for programming alarm setpoints, delayed triggering, triggering according to a threshold or triggering according to a specified range.

The LEDs on the front panel show the logger's status and memory occupation at a glance.

The L111 logger is ideal for detecting fault currents and intermittent problems, monitoring the neutral current, resizing the current transformer for metering, etc.

The L261 logger is ideal for industrial, commercial or residential supervision, monitoring of voltage harmonics, long-term power supply monitoring, etc.

-1 input channel
-Input connection: 2 recessed banana sockets
-Range: 0 to 600 VAC/DC
-Resolution: 0.1V
-Sampling rate: 64 samples per period
-Storage rate: programmable from 125 ms to 1 day
-Recording modes: Start/End, FIFO, XRM extended recording mode
-Recording duration: 15 min to 8 weeks, programmable with DataView
-Memory: 240,000 measurements (512 kB)
-Communication: optical USB 2.0
-Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries
-Battery life: 100 hours to more than 45 days
-Electrical safety: 300V CAT IV / 600V CAT III

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