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Hanger clamp with thimble

Part No 49211
Weight 0.115
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Flexible catenary hanger with thimble

insulating or marginally conducting or spark-free

This KRUCH patent, a result of our own development department, is successfully in use for more than 18 years in Austria and has proven at best (sale: >1.500.000 units). The patented shaping, optimised material combination and automated manufacturing result in a hanger with the highest duration of life (train passings) and the probably best price on the market.

This hanger offers engineers

  • free choice of electrical setting, from insulated to spark free with guaranteed conduction (fig. 2,3,4)
  • free choice of catenary cable, contact wire and hanger wire (fig. 1)
  • clean system with one clamp for all uses from open track to tunnel and reduced system-heights!

The "flexible hanger with thimble" by KRUCH can be used world-wide in almost any overhead-contact system.


  • Minimal life-cycle-costs (low investment, long life-endurance)
  • Low weight for high speeds / good catenary dynamics
  • Workshop preassembly, rapid "on track"-installation
  • Re-useable clamp, high mechanical resistance
  • All installation situations, great versatility (open track, bridges, tunnels, ...)
  • All common grooved contact wires
  • All common catenary cables
  • All electrical connections available
  • All system heights
  • Suitable for diagonal pull (jointed thimble)
  • Deliverable in various materials

Technical Specifications

  • Life-endurance: >2.000.000 load-cycles with BZII-10mm2 (EN50119)
  • Weight: 115g/clamp
  • Contact wires: EN/Ri/RiS/RiM/FD/...
  • Catenary cables: 25mm2 - 150mm2
  • Dropper cables: 10-12mm2
  • Electrical connection: insulating (fig. 2) / marginally conducting (fig. 3) / spark-free (fig. 4)
  • System-height: 250mm to >1.000mm
  • Tool: 17mm wrench
  • Material: ECu / CuNiSi / ...
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