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Kont.ledn.klämma u.kaus 25-135
Kont.ledn.klämma u.kaus 25-135

Hanger clamp without thimble

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Flexible catenary hanger without thimble

adjustable and spark free conducting

The KRUCH hanger without thimble is a complete new approach for a safe, current-proof suspension of catenary wires, excellent to assemble and regulate. Installation is done by one screw only, first fixing the dropper cable (also called drop wires), secondly the contact wire / catenary cable, designated for automated workshop-preassembly and rapid “on track” installation. Reject due to false-length of hangers is minimised – the hanger can be regulated at any time.

The spark-free & current-proof connection replaces all other electrical jumpers and balances the electrical potential in the system at each dropper (improved system performance, reduced wear).

The flexible “hanger without thimble” by KRUCH is the first choice for modern railways with focus on installation time and electrical performance!

Photo from Göteborgs Spårvägar where the hanger is installed.

Minimal life-cycle-costs (rapid installation, long life-endurance)
Low weight for high speeds / good catenary dynamics
Computer aided workshop pre-assembly, rapid preset “on track”-installation (fig. 2,3,4)
Re-useable clamp, length regulation at any time
One tool operation
All common grooved contact wires
All common catenary cables
Guaranteed electrical connections, spark free, current proof

Technical Specifications

Life-endurance: >2.000.000 load-cycles with special-wire 10mm² (EN50119)
Weight: 101g/clamp
Withdrawal-load: >1kN (EN50119)
Contact wires: EN/Ri/RiS/RiM/FD/...
Catenary cables: 25mm² - 135mm²
Dropper cables: 10mm²
Electrical connection: current-proof & spark-free
System-height: 300mm to >1.000mm
Tool: wrench 13mm
Material: ECu / CuNiSi

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