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TAG SL 200 BV Spänningsprovare
TAG SL 200 BV Spänningsprovare

TAG SL 200 BV Voltage detector

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  • Voltage range 3 – 84 kV AC, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz, SS-EN 61243-1,CE.
  • Single-Pole Voltage Detector TAG 2000 is for use on overhead transmission lines and switchgear and is designed to check absence or presence of nominal voltage by direct contact to the line. It is usually used prior to earthing operation of a three-phase voltage system.
  • The voltage detector indicates the voltage with acoustic and visual signals. Built in test function with test button provides checking of all electronic and battery level. Green light indicate that the unit is ready (the unit is ready for measurement with or without self-test - permanent stand-by mode). Acoustic signal and red flashing light indicate voltage ”live line”. Solid green light indicates absence of voltage.
  • Indicates on up to three (3) different voltages or voltage ranges between 3 - 80 kV and automatically switches to the voltage range in question.
  • The voltage detector is made of impact resistant polycarbonate and is designed for indoor and outdoor use, operating temperature –25°C - + 55°C.
  • The detector is fitted with a 9 V alkaline battery. It comes equipped with an adapter for mounting on different operating poles, see figure. The unit is delivered with instruction manual, adapter for optional operating poles and both straight and “Y” measurement electrodes

Rated Voltage : 17,5 kV 16 2/3Hz
Measurement Area Ut kV : 4,5
Weight : 0,3 

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