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To make a Pin brazing connection one must use some consumables. These are made especially for the Pin brazing method.

Pin Brazed Anodes Offshore Pinbrazing on pipe

- Brazing Pins - The patented "bullits" that you insert in the gun. The only melting part in the process is silver.
- Ferrules - Prevent the gun not to be soldered to the work piece.
- And a large assortment of different Jumper Bonds or cable lugs, brazing sleeves etc.


Natural gas Valve Station


The patented SAFEBOND® Consumables are manufactured in a strict way of processing.

All SAFEBOND® material is supplied in cpl. kits with all necessary material to perform a perfect bond. This makes it very easy for the operator and is also an important safety aspect for the management to ensure that only correct material is used.

SAFE No. Cpl. Kit for connecting cable size

SB36501010 10mm² (#7-8AWG)

SB36501610 16mm² (#5AWG)

SB36502510 25mm² (#3-4AWG)


Safebond kit Flux

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