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SnakeBite anode pin kit of 100pcs 100pcs pins/rings for CP. Incl. Pliers

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The new permanent connection method to connect anode cables and leads to steel structures in cathodic protection installations such as for pipelines etc.

Forget about the issues with exothermic methods thermite welding. Safety, wet conditions, training etc.


The cables ashieve a permanent metallurgical connection with the pipe.

No need for cable lugs.


Just bend the wire to a round shape with the enclosed special plier and pinbraze to the pipe.

Use the SnakeBite® with the super lightweight (less than 10kg) pinbrazing equipment, ECONECT.


Advantages of SnakeBite® PinBrazing without cable lugs:

  • Permanent Silver soldering (PinBrazing) method where the leads from the anodes are connected directly to the pipe without using cable lugs.
  • No need for cable lugs!
  • Does not melt the steel down in your pipe etc
  • Safe! No explosive material
  • Safe for internal coatings
  • No need for different molds and weld portions
  • Automated process. No special skill required
  • All weather system. Can be used in rain and snow.
  • Fast. 
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