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Cable Bonding Methods

Electrical connection system for signalling, return traction and earthing applications within the Rail industry.
Förbindningsmetoder, Rail Bonds, Safebond, Pinnlödning, Safeplug, Kortslutningsdon.

The only producer of a complete range of modern application systems

AFETRACK is the leading manufacturer of Pinbrazing Systems. Have developed the unique SAFEBOND Method. Produces a temporary Rail Bonds System and Track Shunting Devices. And have now also introduced a new connection system with drill plugs, SAFEPLUG.

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Low heat brazing methods: PinBrazing and SafeBond® Drill plug system: Screw based bonding:
Pinbrazing Safebond Safeplug Temporary rail bonds

Rail Bonds

SAFETRACK Rail Bond System.


Safetrack AB have rail bonds(Safebond) for the railroad. Our top quality Rail Signal Bond, which is also known as Rail Head Bond, Rail Continuity Bond, Rail Web Bonds, etc. Manufactured from superior quality Metal. Rail bonds can be made in almost any lenght and sizes. The Safetrack rail bonds are made of a highly flexible cable to withstand vibrations in the rail.

The cable lugs are made for pinbrazing in both ends. The unique design of the cable lugs ensure that it is the wires in the cable that is brazed to the rail. The design gives a extremly low transition resistance.

Rail bonds, Safebonds


The SAFETRACK® Jumper Bonds / Connectors have special cable lugs made for pin brazing in both ends. The Bonds are produced in a special way so that it is the actual wire itself in the cable that is silver brazed to the rail. This unique design ensure an extremely low transition resistance and a long life bond that withstand corrosion extremely well.

The Connectors are available in almost any lenght and size. Here follow the most common for the Cathodic Protection Industry.

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