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SL-87 Brazing device 8m/26ft (f.S30XC)

Part No 91061
Weight 19.4
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“The most cost efficient way of making retrofit connections to buried pipelines. No need for major excavations!”

The SL-87, 8m long PinBrazing Gun, is used to make Pin Brazings in drilled holes or holes made with vacuum excavation technique (Hydrovac). In as deep holes as 8 meters (26ft) and as small as 7” / 180 mm diameter.

SL-87 is used to pin braze electrical cables ( for cathodic protection or electrical installations) to buried pipes, for example water pipes, gas pipes etc.

With the new gun, the construction company do not need to do costly and large excavations to access the pipe and connect the wires.

The technique is used by EPCOR in Canada for installation of anodes to pipes.

One simply use vacuum excavation (Hydrovac) technique and make a hole about 30cm (1ft) wide down to the pipe.


In order to braze in the hole up to 8m (26ft) below surface a video camera is included.

The extended Pin Brazing Gun, made of anodized aluminum, is used together with one of Safetrack’s electronic Pin Brazing units.
The brazing gun has the patented S4 technology which ensures correct lift level and good brazing results.

Max length: 8m (26ft).


Patented automatic brazing gun - No adjustment needed
No need for separate grounding
Make brazings in deep holes (26ft)
Use of brazing pins without fuse wire
Constant energy output. Patent
Lower cost on brazing pins
No "waste" of brazing pins
Low maintenance required

Brazing pins without fuse wire is used. 


Length of the gun can be extended with up to 5 pcs of 1,5m(5ft) extender rods which gives a length of 8m (26ft). 

To simplify the operation in deep holes the complete kit, SAFE 91061, includes a video camera to connect with a laptop (not included). 
Each part can also be individually ordered, see below part numbers.


Kit SAFE 91061 comes with: 

SL-87 Brazing gun, SAFE 9106110 

5pcs of 1,5m(5 ft) extender rods, SAFE 9106115

Gun cable set, 9m, SAFE 92372

Video Camera, SAFE 591443

Software for camera, SAFE 591444

USB cable 10m, SAFE 511446

Pin holder, 8-9,5mm, SAFE 9211

Ring holder. 8-9,5mm, SAFE 9202

To run the system you are required to add:

Safetrack Pinbrazing equipment S30XC, SAFE 9308CPSL 

SAFE 8049 Battery charger

SAFE 8007040 Rotary bristle tool, 220V

SAFE 8007045 Rotary bristle tool, 110V

SAFE 8007048 Bracket for above bristle tools. Use with extender rods (SAFE 9106115)





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