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S30 X/C Pinnlödn.aggr.m.S4
S30 X/C Pinnlödn.aggr.m.S4

S30 X/C Pinbrazing unit,S4 CATHODIC 16Ah, S4, charger

Part No 9307CP
Weight 46
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S30 X/C is electronically controlled, driven by 3 pcs of 12 V batteries which is easily exchangeable with a cassette system.

All Safetrack equipment comes with the well reputated, easy to use, automatic (no setting required) S4 brazing gun (patent) and the constant energy electronic that ensure that correct energy is delivered in every brazing, no matter which level of battery voltage. Patent.


This equipment saves a lot of cost since it use brazing pins without fusewire which cost less and one do have no "waste" of misfired brazing pins that the old type with fusewires have.


SAFE 9307CP is Delivered with:

Brazing gun S4 Automatic SAFE 9102

Battery Case f.16Ah w.cables SAFE 9320

Batteries 16AH 3pcs req. SAFE 8093

Battery Charger 3A, SAFE 8052

Ground magnetic, 2,7m OnOff SAFE 80730

Accessory Case SAFE 9524

Shoulder strap SAFE 9523

Protection glasses SAFE 40210300


Technical Specification:

Voltage 36 V DC

Number of Brazen 40-60

Weight (13Ah/16Ah) 22/25 kg

Dimensions: Width 230 mm Height 390 mm Length 280 mm



Grinding machine BGD800 Makita SAFE 593070


Battery Charger 5A SAFE 8049

Battery charger, b. car use SAFE 8055

High power batteries 13 AH SAFE 8092

High power batteries 16 AH SAFE 8093

Ground w.super magnetic f.CP SAFE 8069

Ground Grip SAFE 8071

Grinding wheel, silicone free SAFE 8025

Carbide burr, Type C SAFE 8014

Carbide burr, Type C extended SAFE 8014XL

Handy 2-rail trolley SAFE 9361

Separate battery box f.16Ah SAFE 9320 exl. batteries. With lid and handle.

Separate battery box f.13Ah SAFE 9321 exl. batteries. With lid and handle.

Battery adapter for charging SAFE 9318 Of Separate battery box

Angle Device for S4 gun SAFE 9232


Pin Holder 8-9.5 (A) SAFE 9211

Pin Holder M8 (B) SAFE 9213

Pin holder M10 (C) SAFE 9215

Pin holder M12 (D) SAFE 9217

Ring Holder 8 to 9.5 SAFE 9202

Ring Holder M8/M10/M12 SAFE 9204

Extension Set for S4 / 8 to 9.5 SAFE 9227

Extension Sets threaded pin SAFE 9229

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