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PinBrazing Railway

The Pin Brazing Method

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SAFETRACK®s patented Pin brazing method is a unique braze method to applicate electrical connectors to steel constructions like rails for example. For connecting signal bonds, rail bonds, power and return bonds and for grounding cables.

Also used with great advantage within cathodic protection systems. More info about this at the site:

Why Pin Brazing? Econect pin brazing

Works in any weather condition. Rain and snow is no more a problem
Achieve Broken Rail detection, caused by the drilled hole for the joint bars, by attaching rail bonds on side of rail head
Fast, the pin brazing process takes only a second and the whole preparation takes less than a minute
Safe for the operator
Low temperature
Safe for the material. It is a Silver Brazing Method. Does not melt the work material down as welding methods does
Corrosion free
No need for special moulds
Easy. Automated 1 second process

Go directly to the equipment.

How it works

A special brazing pin with a silver solder (melting temperature is less than 700°C/1300°F) is melt down in the cable lugs hole and creates a brazed Silver Connection© between the cable wires itself and to the piece of steel. Silver, that is the best electrical conductor (better than gold actually) gives an extremely low transition resistance, this reason alone is many times enough to use the system. See video here.


The method where invented 1950 in Sweden after the Swedish National Railway had major problem with the existing propan gas brazing method that took very long time and gave a weak bond when the copper became brittle due to long heating time for the application. The method where then 1990 redeveloped by Safetrack and Constant Energy output where integrated and patented.

The SAFETRACK® PinBrazing method is not only one of the safest methods for the operator and the work piece, but also the most ecconomical application method.
Signalling projects

Contractors that are responsible for signalling projects abroad have found the advantages with the fast installation time and that the work groups can work in any weather with very short learning time and the automated system.

(Photo from an installation made by Alstom Transportation in the late eighthies in Egypt.)

Powerpoint Presentation


New vs Old

"The S30XC is a fantastic little machine. We used the old mechanical unit earlier, it's like night and day"
Jan Naesholm

Advantages of the patented Electronic Pinbrazing Method

These features are why you can feel safe when you know your operators or contractors are using SAFETRACK®s patented Electronic Pinbrazing Method.
A comparison with the old, fusewired Pinbrazing method:

Constant energy

You know that the result is:

-Uniform and safe...everytime!

-Safe for the workpiece

-No overheating

Pinbrazing gun

Automatic adjusted gun, S4, patent
There is no one messing up with the tools:

-No wearing parts

-Self adjusted

-Always right setting


-Easy to attach extension set

Under-Voltage Protection

Under-Voltage Protection
You know that your job will be 100% since:

-If the batteries are too low the brazing cannot be executed

Use of Brazing pins without fuse wire, patent

Use of Brazing pins without fuse wire, patent
You save money, because:

-All brazing pins will be used, no waste of pins.

-Easier to handle

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