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Extension bonds

For grounding of catenary poles, fences or other steel structures along the track we use normally a multi stranded extension bond that is Pin Brazed to the rail and crimped to the ground lead. The reason for using a multi strand Extension Bond is if the existing cable along the track is of a not so flexible type. Because of the vibrations in the rail you want the connecting piece of the cable to be as flexible as possible. The Safetrack® Extension Bonds are of soft annealed multi strand type.

Extension on rail Ground on pole



Octopus bonds

For installation of larger cables to the rail webb

To ensure a long lasting connection to the rail one need as flexible cables next to the rail as possible.
For this one can use Safetracks multistranded copper cable bonds to be crimped to a larger cable with a crimping tool.
Length from end of splicing sleeve to centre of hole:


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Extension cable 3/16" (13mm²) L=125mm

Extension cable in 3/16" (13 mm²) Phosphourous-Bronze cable (No theft value).


Use with Brazing Pin 8mm std. 10011 and ceramic ferrule 8mm, 2003.

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