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ECONECT SafeBond® unit  is powered by a revolutionary new nano-battery with longer life than previous batteries.
The weight is only 9,8kg (21,6Lb).

Technical Specification:
Voltage 36 V DC
Capacity: 25-30 SafeBond 1 or 50-60 PinBrazings(required optional braze gun) per charge.
Weight (incl.battery) 9,8kg/21,6Lb

Width 150 mm
Height 280 mm
Length 320 mm

ECONECT SAFE 943670 is delivered with:
Braze pistol SB15 Automatic SAFE 91017
Electrode holder for SafeBond 1, SAFE SB390120
Ring holder for SafeBond 1, SAFE SB390150
Battery 1 pcs required SAFE 80982
Grinding machine BGD800 Makita SAFE 593070
Ground Super magnet SAFE 80730
Tool case SAFE 9524
Shoulder strap SAFE 9523

Add battery charger(not included):
Stationary charger 230V SAFE 8048
Stationary charger 110V SAFE 80481

Braze pistol (for PinBrazing) S15 Automatic SAFE 91015
Ground Grip SAFE 8071
Carbide burr, type C SAFE 8014
Carbide burr, type C extended SAFE 8014XL
Pin holder (for PinBrazing gun) 8-9,5 (A) SAFE 9211
Pin holder (for PinBrazing gun) M8 (B) SAFE 9213
Pin holder (for PinBrazing gun) M10 (C) SAFE 9215
Pin holder (for PinBrazing gun) M12 (D) SAFE 9217
Ring holder (for PinBrazing gun) 8-9,5 SAFE 9202
Ring holder (for PinBrazing gun) M8/M10/M12 SAFE 9204
Extension set (for PinBrazing gun) / 8-9,5 SAFE 9227
Extension set (for PinBrazing gun) threaded pins SAFE 9229

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