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SB1 Railbond 25mm²/145mm steel Kit 100 pcs incl electrode, fe
SafeBond® Rail bonds (Signal bonds, joint head bonds) SB3550-100 Rail bond. 25mm² galvanized steel, L=145mm(5,7”), kit 100pcs Includes: SB 3550 Safebond®1 145mm 25m², 100pcs SB 396010 SB1 Electrode10mm, 200pcs SB 397010 Ferrules Safebond® SB1, 200pcs SB Safebond® Fluss, 50g. Safetrack, 1pcs
"""Railbond 3/16, 7""""/180mm 50pcs"" c/w electrode, ferrule, flux"
SB391010 Rail bond 3/16” (58563), Ph/Bronze, L=180mm(7"), kit 50pcs, Includes: Rail bond 3/16, 7". L=180mm, 50pcs Electrod 10mm, 100pcs Ferrules Safebond® SB10, 100pcs
Railbond Kit 3/16, L=180mm 100 pcs
Rail bond 3/16”, Ph/Bronze, L=180mm(7"), kit 100pcs Includes: Rail bond 3/16, 7". L=180mm, 100pcs SB1 Electrode 10mm, 200pcs Ferrules Safebond® SB1, 200pcs Safebond® Fluss, 50g SAFETRACK, 1pcs
Railbonds 25mm², L=200mm SB1 50ea bond, electr, ring.w.flux

SB392215 Rail bond 25mm². L=200mm(7,8”), Copper, kit 50pcs

50 Kit:

Rail bond 25mm². L=200mm SB1, 50pcs
Ferrule SAFEBOND SB1, 100pcs
SB1 Electrode 10mm, 100pcs
SAFEBOND Braze Flux, 50g, 1pcs



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