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SAFEPLUG® BASIC M12 Single SS. Single.Drill ø19 - 80Nm

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SAFEPLUG® BASIC has tinned contact surfaces and standard stainless steel bolts likewise SAFEPLUG® it has also the double contact feature.

1. Dual interfaces An additional conical tin-plated bushing pressed into the plug means that even the topside of the cable lug (via the nut and washer) will be part of the circuit.

2. Polished plug When the plug is installed will the flange of the plug automatically be polished by the installation tool. The cable lug will always be connected with an even and clean surface.

3. Tin-plated contact surfaces SAFEPLUG® BASIC plug bushings are tinned.

4. Stainless steel bolt SAFEPLUG® BASIC comes with stainless steel bolts and locking nuts.

5. Gas-tight joints All contact surfaces between the cable terminal, plug-rail is gas-tight, which is a requirement for the electrical connection is not degraded by corrosion.

6. No hydraulic tools There is no need of extra hydraulic tools in order to draw through the bush. Only a simple mechanical assembling tool is needed. Use the assembling tool together with a std. torque wrench or a powerful battery driven impact wrench.


Le système de connexion par insert développé par SAFETRACK permet la liaison mécanique et électrique entre un câble et le rail.
Ce concept répond aux exigences toujours plus strictes des réseaux ferroviaires : fiabilité, résultat indépendant de l’opérateur, santé du rail préservée.

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