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70 mm² SafeCable©, Steel/Cu, bare wire

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• Prevents theft of cables = Ensures signal transmission and ground protection function

• No scrap value

• Magnetic (as steel)

• High electrical conductivity (more than 55% of a copper cable)

• The same standard cable lugs / sleeves used normally

• The same crimping tools that is used today

As a replacement of copper cables and instead of using aluminum cable which is fairly impractical when using it can Safetrack offer a unique copper / steel mixed cable.
The cable called SafeCable© corresponds to the 55% electrical conductivity of a copper cable.
In addition, the advantage of using standard copper cable lugs with the same crimping tools and dies set that you already use in the field today.
The cable can be connected to the other components, and copper connection requires no specialized transitions as with between aluminum wire to copper.

The cable is flexible and can be bent and shaped in the same way as you bend copper wires along the track today.
It is much more flexible than eg an aluminum cable, which sometimes need special tools to bend.
More importantly, with its flexibility is that it can withstand strong vibrations that occur in the track when a train passes.
Today one is always careful to use flexible cables when they are directly connected to the rail, such as the grounding of the poles.
If these ground poles are stolen or breaks due to vibrations there is no protection for the deadly voltage and public and track staff risk their lives.

The cable is furthermore magnetic (unlike copper cable) which thieves can control with magnets and will avoid stealing the cable.
The scrap yard also checks cables with magnets.
Thieves that try anyway to cut it, discover that it is more difficult to cut and requires little better pruners.
At the scrap yard await next disappointment: SafeCable© has no scrap value for copper thieves!

Connections to the rail can be made with PinBrazing, SafePlug® and other methods.
The cable can also be ordered insulated according to customers specifications.

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