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Presstång HPA 400 /backlös
Presstång HPA 400 /backlös

Pressing tool HPA 400

Part No 75270200
Weight 7.5
Price, VAT excl.32 500.00
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Battery operated crimping tool HPA 400

With the HPA 400, Novopress presents a new battery operated member of the tried and tested HP crimping tool family. The HPA 400 offers the well established advantages of the dieless Novopress Crimp in combination with a state of the art battery drive. Weighing only 7,5 kg and with sporting exemplary ergonomics, our HPA 400 sets new standards in terms of convenience and safety in it’s class. Without changing dies you can crimp various makes of lugs or sleeves from 16 - 400 mm2 (AWG 8 - 750 MCM) in Cu and Al quality in only 9 sec. The swivel head allows crimping even in restricted working space.

Cost-effective, fast and all-purpose

Attributes of the Novopress V-Crimp for decades, which are now also available in a cordeless power crimping tool. The integrated “smart-crimp” system ensures a consistent quality of compressions over the whole cross section range from 16 - 400 mm2 (AWG 8 - 750 MCM). Time consuming and expensive die sets are unnecessary with the Novopress crimp system and will no longer be
a source of confusion for the operator. Lugs or sleeves, copper or aluminium, stranded or flexible cable, you never have to worry about choosing the right die.


HPA 400

Weight incl. battery 7,5 kg
Dimensions 490 x 90 x 200 mm
Force 110 kN
Stroke 60 mm
Operating pressure 550 bar
Cross section Cu 16-400 mm2 / Al 50–400 mm2
Battery 14,4 V / 2,4 Ah
Charger 7,2-18 V / 1,5 A
Charge time 60 min. / 2 Ah

 The HPA 400 comes incl. case, charger and spare battery.

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