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Snap Panzar Divisible cable pipe Ø160 (6.3"). 1m (39")

Part No 3622160
Weight 7
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Divisible subsea cable protection (Split Pipe)- Save money with less work!


Snap Panzar is developed in close cooperation with divers to be used in extreme conditions. Our own weights can be mounted in several ways and the construction will make it possible to fasten Snap Panzar in rocks.

Snap Panzar is made from the same high quality recycled plastic material as our Protectus.

Thanks to its innovative design the pipes can be installed quickly without any tools, both in subsea applications as well as above water. Snap Panzar will not slip apart thus keeping the cables 100% protected at all times. Snap Panzar can be angled 7° which will facilitate and make the installation easy.

  • Saving Money!
  • Easy to open and close (although for divers in water) using only rubber mallet.
  • Extremely durable. 10 mm thick.
  • Quick to assemble, either by barge, boat, or by divers on the seabed.
  • Made of PP.
  • Can tolerate high heat (80 ° C) without deformation.
  • Environmentally friendly. Made of recycled plastic.
  • Each tube can be tilted 7 ° and follows the seabed.
  • 1 meter length (39 inch).
  • Delivered on a pallet. Significantly simplifies manageability workplace.
  • Panzar 110 - Outer Diameter: 110 mm (4.3 inch). Inner diameter: Ø90 mm (3.5 inch)
  • Panzar 160 - Outer Diameter: 160 mm (6.3 inch). Inner diameter: Ø140 mm (5.5 inch)
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