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Streetlight foundation 108/900

Part No 36243200
Weight 12
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Greenpipe street lighting foundation is designed to increase both the quality and life of the street lighting. The total cost of the installation will in the long term be a cost saving for the customer. The solution is the most environmentally friendly in the market.


Innovative & Robust Product Design

The foundation's design is designed to withstand the forces that exist in soil and in air. To prevent the foundation / post turning, the foundation is designed with four sturdy "wings". In order for a force to rotate the foundation, all four wings must give after for the forces and all be folded. The same solution prevents the posture from tilting as the horizontally framework are filled with masses.


The pole is mounted in place by tightening a sturdy stainless steel ring and clamping the foundation pole against the pole. The used nut can not be backed without tools, this to prevent the problem of prolonged vibration. Need to change the post makes it easy to ease the pressure and pull the post straight up.

The entire design as well as materials selection are made to cope with varying weather and temperatures, UV light, salt and chemicals as well as dog urin.

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