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Kabelsökare CAT4+ & GENNY4. Kit
Kabelsökare CAT4+ & GENNY4. Kit

Cable finder CAT4+ & GENNY4 Kit

Part No 97322010
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The CAT4+ (Cable Avoidance Tool) is an advanced cable avoidance tool delivering world class performance from a powerful digital processing platform that can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services or the Genny4 can be used to apply a distinctive signal that the CAT4+ can detect.


The CAT4+ Avoidance Mode lets the operator check and intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny4 signals, and pinpoint located utilities, in a single scan. The bargraph ‘tidemark’ enables the user to quickly spot and zero-in on a buried conductor.


The Genny4 provides a class-first simultaneous dual-frequency signal output. Alongside the familiar 33kHz signal for general purpose locates, the Genny4 transmits a specialised Small Diameter Locate frequency which facilitates location of utilities such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. For difficult locates, the Signal Boost function enables the Genny4 signals to travel further and deeper, and couple onto utilities more easily.


CAT4’s Dynamic Overload Protection feature automatically filters out high levels of interference, allowing operators to continue working even in electrically noisy areas such as substations and under high-voltage cables – and requires no input from the operator.


CAT4+ and Genny4 retain the familiar CAT operating interface first introduced by Radiodetection in the mid-1980s and have been designed for full reverse-compatibility. For example, all Genny3 accessories are compatible with Genny4.

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