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EFS Geometrical capturing

Part No 97275000
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EFS – Electrical Flow Simulation

Voltage, Current and Energy Flow in DC Networks


Typical questions

Substations switch of. Why?

New traction vehicles. Energy usage?

Are energy savings possible?

Would an energy storage pay for itself?

Time table changes. Can the required energy be supplied?

Extending the network. How many substations are required?


The goal is to

calculate the energy usage

identify weak parts of the network

help finding solutions for the weak parts

analyse the benefits of investments

find optimal solutions

All of this can be done by yourself

using our software


What is EFS?

Dynamic mathematical model of your specific DC network

Taking in account all electrical components

Calculates the energy flow in the network

Easy to use

Delivers reliable results

Easy to maintain

A sustainable investment


Of what use is EFS?

Identifies critical substations

Calculates the degree of load on each substation

Displays current and voltage flow in the overhead contact


Shows energy usage of traction vehicles

Points out energy losses in the network


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