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FM4 LO S K-tledn.mätinstr.Ej delbar
FM4 LO S K-tledn.mätinstr.Ej delbar

FM4 LO S Catanery instr. Non-Divisable 1435mm Optical finder,fix mirror

Part No 97273010
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Stagger of the overhead contact line
(to the centre of track gauge)
Measuring bar (guide rail) for track gauge (mm) 1435 (other track gauges or units on request)
Measuring range left to right (mm) ± 700
Scale value of measuring bar (mm) 1
System measuring accuracy (mm) ± 5

Height of the overhead contact line
(above top of the rail)
Measuring range of the laser (m) to 60
Measured value resolution (smallest unit displayed) (mm) 1
Factory setting (m) 0.000
Optional unit settings (in the factory) (ft)/(in) 0.00/0. 1/32
Measuring accuracy laser/system (mm) ± 1,5/±3 *

Technical description
Laser Laser class (International standard IEC60825-1) 2
Laser performance (mW) < 1
Direction laser beam vertical ↑
Display (mm) 35 x 18, automatically illuminated
Operating modes single or continuous distance measurement
Automatic laser switch off (s) After 90
Power supply (V) DC 1,5
Quantity/type of batteries (1) 2/AAA 
Automatic power switch off (Display) (s) 180
LED illumination cross hairs target optics
LED illumination for reference mark stagger scale
Operating time/number of measurements (1) Up to 5000
Temperature range storage/operation (°C) -25…+50/-10…+50
Protection class (DIN EN 60529) IP64
Demensions Dimensions/weight of the measuring instrument (mm)/(kg) 258 x 108 x 101/2,2
Dimensions/weight of the measuring bar (cm)/(kg) 173 x 21 x 14/5
Dimensions/gross weight of the transport case (cm)/(kg) 54 x 15 x 24/6
Dimension shipping package/gross weight (cm)/(kg) 180 x 37 x 37/16

Scope of supply
Measuring instrument FM4 LO
Tool for battery cover
Aluminum transport case
Measuring bar
Documentation (English, other languages on request)


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