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FM5-V2 BT S K-tledn.mätinstr.Ej delbar
FM5-V2 BT S K-tledn.mätinstr.Ej delbar

FM5-V2 BT S Catanery instr. Non-Divisible 1435mm

Part No 97272010
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Laser instrument for measuring of zigzag of height to catenary and horizontal to poles and other objects.

Aiming with the laser is very easy thanks to the built in digital camera that makes it very easy even in sunlight.

Modern and resilient

determination of the catenary position (height / stagger)

for horizontal and vertical building distances (bridge heights, pole-leading edge, cable height)


contactless, precise, fast measurement at sunshine and darkness

for static, punctual measurements

tilting sensor for track-superelevation measurement

digital homing device with 4-fold zoom and colour display

visible red laser point / accessories laser goggles

laser measurement in single and continuous mode

data interface bluetooth


easy handling / operation

robust design, suitable for on-site-use

measurements and data acquisition on track section by one person


two-part measuring bar for easy transportation in cars

customized measuring bars on request (e. g. inch)

Data transfer by Bluetooth on Pocket PC (PDA) or PC



for track gauge [mm] 1 435 (other ranges on request)
lateral deviation (zigzag) / deviation to track perpendicular
 - Measuring range to the left
 - Measuring range to the right
 - Scale reading / measuring bar
 - Measuring accuracy (system)


+/- 5
determination of the catenary height above top of the rail
 - Measuring range of the laser module
 - Measured value resolution
 - Accuracy (laser / system)

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