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Lookout Tent

Would you also like to have it as bright as this when you work?

The latest Speed tent technology has been applied to the Rail and cable jointing industry requirements of robustness and safety requirements with all products having been through field tests and in direct association with Network Rail prior to release.

The Speed tent technology offers companies the benefits of reduced down time due to:

Translucent. 98% of the light onto work area.
No loose components for operators to misplace loosing operation time
Quick and simple to erect and take down maximising operator time on the job
Light and easy to move to the work area.


Portable Speed Tent, Shelter, Shed for use as industrial field work, expedition, emergency, railroad, rescue etc.

All products below have the following product performance:
- Translucent reinforced PVC material – Allows maximum light onto work area. Lights can be shone through from outside.
- Flame retardant
- Non-conductive
- Portable light weight
- No loose components
- Guy lines
- Spare parts available
- Anti-mildew
- Tear resistant
- Smooth wipe clean surface
- Safety windows

· Company logo
· Safety stripes
· Ballast bags – Water or Gravel
· Heavy duty carry bags – Solid weave flame retardant PVC coated

Lookout or Signalman's tent (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.9(h)m)

There are two types of units – Speed tent or Modular system

· Incorporated sling seat – Modular system - separate components

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Signal. Lookout tent 150 5S BR 1.5x1.5x2m (Incl. HD Bag)
12 472.00
SAFE 57140 Speed tent 150 5S BR (no lose parts) 1,5x1,5x2m
Modular Lookout FG1 /CV1 BR 0,9x0,9x1,8m Incl.Seat
15 310.00
SAFE 57380 Modular system FG1 / CV1 (No lose parts) 1x1x2m. Hang seat included.
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