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Ecoblast PRO Signalhorn
Ecoblast PRO Signalhorn
  • Ecoblast PRO Signalhorn

ECOBLAST PRO® 115 dB. Rechargeable air horn

Part No 97050001
Weight 1.1
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  • No matter the industry, maintaining a safe work environment is always your first priotiy. With it's large capacity and all-weather utility, the new Ecoblast PRO rechargeable air horn has the persence your crews need to be alerted to daily work hazards.
  • Built of strong impact resistance plastic, the Ecoblast PRO is not only loud but also the most cost effective signalling solution for your work environment. 
  • Cost effective because it's the only rechargeable signalling device that refils safely and easily with compressed air. No need for replacement cartridges or chimical signal devices destined for quick landfill.
  • The Ecoblast PRO will offer years of reliable service while providing all the signalling power you'll need.
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