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Greater organization and functionality with Plano toolboxes

Plano has developed a series of responses to both large and small everyday gestures: from professional activities to do-it-yourself, always with a unique style and with superior quality. Planos smart solutions to carry and store tools provide better functionality, organization and above all, efficiency. Plano® distinguishes itself from other brands on the market by using only the highest quality materials. For example, the material used is composite material and is more than 4 times stronger than recycle (cheap) plastic dyed black to hide deviations in quality. Planos boxes are eg red or another color to highlight the higher quality. This means that the boxes are much stronger and eliminating the need for reinforcing the walls of the boxes that takes large space from the tools.

More efficiency at work

Plano has created over the years a range of offers which go beyond simple functionality, putting together innovation and tradition, ergonomics and design, such as the Technics bags, belts and vests, made from the latest generation of highly resistant materials and for contractors that work in the fields.

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