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Compacters CGC-TK 20/50B

Part No 58690030
Weight 100
Price, VAT excl.13 932.00
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Compactor CGC-TK 20/50B

Serial and high-performance soil compaction European manufactured machines used in asphalt patching, paving stone, sidewalks, pedestrian paths and clayey soils compaction operations, natural gas and sewage canals, bridges and building construction works.

Shipping Dimensions: 45 x 70 x 60 cm
Shipping Weight: 98 kg
Table Size: 45-60 cm
Compaction area: 670 cm² / hour
Compaction Depth: 360 mm
Walking Speed: 25m / min
Climbing slope: 30%
Vibration Frequency: 90 Hz
Centrifugal Power: 20 kN
Engine: HONDA Gasoline
Type: Air-cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder
Power 6,5 - Hp
Displacement: 196 cm³
Engine Speed: 3600 rpm
Oil Reservoir: 0,6 lt
Fuel Tank: 4,6 It

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