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Load Scooter

Load Scooter - 3 times faster than walking

Saves your feet and money!

Good tools should not be complicated or time-consuming. The greatest advantage of the Load Scooter is that when moving forward, the user does not have to walk in the gravel or between the sleepers and that the distance meter displays the precise position. Particularly suitable for inspections, makes it easier to reach work areas which cannot be approached by car or if access to the rails is required for other reasons (for example when searching for broken rails, wild animals which have been run over, for work on signals, replacing rubber cushions etc). The fact that the work site is reached three times faster is a welcome plus point.

Data Sheet

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Load Scooter Mk 2, 1435mm

Total load 225 kg.
Weight only 30 kg.
Raised for passing points and road crossing.

Separated easily in three parts by hand.
Loading area 0,8 m².

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