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ALUMICART TRAILER Maximum loading 2000Kg (UK 1000Kg)

Part No 9643130
Weight 65
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  • STANDARD GAUGE: 1435 mm
  • FRAME: Welded rectangular aluminium tube
  • WHEELS: Aluminium
  • THROUGH AXLES: Through axles high grade steel on sealed ball races
  • BRAKES: Spring actuated drum emergency and parking brakes on both axles are fitted into the wheel hubs on one side of the trailer. Both brakes are automatically applied when the ignition is off, power fails or the linkage is broken. For uncoupled movement with isolated electrics, a lever is manually depressed to release the brakes.
  • LIGHTS: White and Red LEDs located on both ends of the trailer at each corner, switch over automatically to show white light facing direction of travel and red light facing the rear.
  • TOWING: Both ends of the trailer are fitted with 50mm tow balls, and inter-vehicle wiring – more than one trailer can be linked and towed simultaneously. The trailers are reversible and can be towed from either end.
    Special tow bars (couplers) provide electrics to brakes and lighting on trailers either as single units or in multiple mode drawing power from the towing unit. Coupler standard lengths 1 metre and incremental increase of 0.5 metres thereafter.
  • TOPS: Standard Tops include timber or aluminium, flat or well (single, double or triple section)
    Other Tops include specials such as stretcher bearers, personnel carriers, end or side tipping skips, and purpose-built bodies.


  • Overall length frame 177 cms + 2 x 7.5 cm tow-hitch: 192 cm.
  • Overall width: 165 cm.
  • Tray width: 133 cm.
  • Overall height: 31.5 cm.
  • Weight (unladen excl. tops): 65 kg
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 1000 kg
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