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Sleepers drilling machine 4-stroke  Petrol  FCS 2000 P

Designed to make holes on wooden railway sleepers is provided with a lever mechanism by which the operator can adjust, in total safety, the drilling depth. Not exerting more pressure on the lever automatically returns to the tip into place.

Petrol engine
4,1 kW
1800 rpm
1800x600x900 mm
Weight 60 kg

Sleepers drilling machine Diesel Engine  FTC 2000 D

Designed to make holes on wooden railway sleepers is provided with a lever mechanism by which the operator can adjust, in total safety, the drilling depth. Not exerting more pressure on the lever automatically returns to the tip into place.

Diesel engine
4,9 kW
1800 rpm
1800x600x900 mm
Weight 70 kg

Sleepers drilling machine Portable, Petrol Engine

The drill FTP 950 P lightweight, easily maneuverable can drill quickly, accurately and with maximum safety to the operator, wooden railway sleepers.


It’s equipped with:

-Honda 4-stroke engine with overhead valves and special lubrication to work at 360 °
-Speed reducer gears with high strength lubricated with special grease TK3 that guarantees excellent lubrication and long life
-Ergonomic handle with the imbedded security lock and throttle motor
-Security system with centrifugal clutch
-Housing for insertion lever able to rotate the tip in the event of locking

-Toe protection with spring and regulator of drilling depth (optional)

-Three wheels trolley for the machine (optional).


Safety Guard with Depth Control to FTP 950

Safety guard with depth adjuster for FTP 950

Rail Drilling Machine TFR 330 P

SAFETRACK TFR 330 P Rail Drilling Machine

  • Lightweight. 17,8 kg
  • New technology for even power distribution
  • Easy clamp system
  • Quick rail profile changing
  • 330 RPM
  • Adjustable hole centre locator
  • Easy Tram clamp attachement

The TFR 330 P rail drilling machine is a lightweight and easily manoeuvrable machine.

It is equipped with a 4-stroke Honda engine and it is able to drill, quickly and accurately, any vignola and tram rails.


Even power distribution:

The advancing lever of the crown cutter is directly connected to the engine.

This system allows to use only the power which in that moment is necessary for the perforation, limiting the usury of the tool and fuel waste.


Used with Safetrack Super Drilling Paste or with cooling fluid from the tank.


The quick fixing on the rail, the action of the fully protected tool and its balanced handle with safety switch, ensure minimal effort

and maximum operator safety.


Drilling time approximately 20 to 60 seconds, depending of diameter of the hole and hardness of the rail.


Technical Specification

Honda Engine: 1,5 kW

Drill rotation speed: 330 rpm

Hole diameter range: up to 40 mm

Drill bit length: 30 mm

Noise level during cutting: dbA LwA 90 - LpA 83

Vibration magnitude: 3,5 m/s²

Dimensions: 552x341x395 mm

Dry weight: 17,8 kg





Electric Rail drilling machine Std. template  SJ43/BV50/UIC60

A powerful, lightweight and userfriendly electric rail drill.


Weight 16kg.

230V AC.  1100W.

Multi-form Templates


Rotabroach multi-form templates are a faster, easier and more accurate system across the spectrum of rail forms simplifying track laying and maintenance work on railways and urban tramways all over the world.

You just ‘dial’ the appropriate rail form, attach the machine to the rail and begin holecutting in the knowledge that the machine is rigidly and accurately positioned.

With the Rotabroach system the need for individual templates is eliminated, saving time and expense.

To move from one railform to another, operators only have to release the centre screw, turn the template to the appropriate position and locate it on the dowels before re-tightening.

Hole Centre Locators To ensure that the holes are correctly distanced from centre to centre, a hole centre location unit is available which fits on top of the rail and can quickly be secured by tightening two handles. Recesses in the plate are designed to accommodate the machineas it is lowered into position.

These features provide complete accuracy when working in difficult and low light conditions.

Rail drilling machine RHINO 4 4-stroke. Std. template SJ43-BV50-UIC60

The ‘Rhino 4’ is Rotabroach’s leading offering for rail drilling applications.

A 4 stroke engine that gives the advantage of faster drilling.

The ‘Rhino 4’ offers low noise, low hand arm vibration and better fuel efficiency than competitors.



Model Number RD074
Motor Specification Honda 4 stroke, 1400W
Displacement 57.0 cm³
No Load RPM 320 RPM
Max Hole Cutting Capacity ø40mm
Overall Dimensions Height: 420mm / Width: 420mm with Capstan / Length: 540mm
Machine Weight 19.8kg
Safety Features Centrifugal Clutch


Electric drilling machine for switch points, 230V,18,5kg

A powerful electric drilling machine for switch rails.

Special clamps system for switches. For drilling holes to switch bars.


Specialclamp system with quick attachment for switch points.

Light, easy to mount with no loose parts.

Powerful with variable speed.


Technical data:

Lenght: 300mm

Widht: 240mm

Height: 480mm

Weight: 19kg

Voltage: 230 V AC

Power: 1100W

Light Powerful Variable speed, 350-600 rpm

Quick attachment for switchpoints

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