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Elektrisk Rälsborr RB inkl. linjaler + profiler
Elektrisk Rälsborr RB inkl. linjaler + profiler

Electric Rail drilling machine Std. template SJ43/BV50/UIC60

Part No 5953RB
Weight 16
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A powerful, lightweight and userfriendly electric rail drill.


Weight 16kg.

230V AC.  1100W.

Multi-form Templates


Rotabroach multi-form templates are a faster, easier and more accurate system across the spectrum of rail forms simplifying track laying and maintenance work on railways and urban tramways all over the world.

You just ‘dial’ the appropriate rail form, attach the machine to the rail and begin holecutting in the knowledge that the machine is rigidly and accurately positioned.

With the Rotabroach system the need for individual templates is eliminated, saving time and expense.

To move from one railform to another, operators only have to release the centre screw, turn the template to the appropriate position and locate it on the dowels before re-tightening.

Hole Centre Locators To ensure that the holes are correctly distanced from centre to centre, a hole centre location unit is available which fits on top of the rail and can quickly be secured by tightening two handles. Recesses in the plate are designed to accommodate the machineas it is lowered into position.

These features provide complete accuracy when working in difficult and low light conditions.

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