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Hydr rälssträck. FCS MIT70/2 LW Komplett
Hydr rälssträck. FCS MIT70/2 LW Komplett

Hydr. Rail Stressor MIT70 LW complet

Part No 585282020
Weight 514
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Designed for Safely Conducting of the aluminothermic welding of rails. It Consists of a sturdy structure Able to tooth with the high stresses of the tensile force. The Honda petrol engine control a hydraulic power unit with a gear pump at low pressure for rapid approach of the rail as a pump radial pin Which comes into operation or cancel for Controlled regulation and calibrated so as to give the maximum pulling force, the spool valve control, 2 or 4 valves per cylinder with hydraulic safety Lock, 4 or 8 terminals per block of specialty steel rail (depending on the version: single or double shot) with anchor pin and roll bar. The Equipment Can Be Supplied with manual hydraulic pump and incorporated oil tank of 7.5 lt.

Engine: Honda 
Fuel: Petrol
Traction force: kN [Q] 700
Hydraulic power unit: kW 3.3
Total weight: daN [Kg] 340





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