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Hydr. Rail Stressor MIT70 UR complete

Part No 585281090
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Designed to execute totally safety the alluminothermic welding of the rail. It is composed of a strong structure able to withstand the high stresses of the tensile force. The Honda engine comands an hydraulic junction box with a low pressure gear pump for the rapid. The petrol Honda engine, controls a hydraulic power unit with a gear pump at low pressure for rapid approach of the rail as a pump radial pin which comes into operation automatically for controlled regulation and calibrated so as to give the maximum pulling force , the control spool valve, 2 valves per cylinder with hydraulic safety lock, 4 stainless steel clamps to lock the rail anchor and dowel bar shooting. The equipment can be supplied with manual hydraulic pump and oil tank built by lt. 7.5.

Engine: Honda
Fuel: Petrol 
Traction force: kN[Q] 700 
Manual hydraulic power: unit kW 3,3 
Total weight: daN[Kg] 188

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