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Impact Wrench, FCS ILM 900 P Petrol
Petrol engine 1,1 kW 900-1800 Nm 900x1000x1450 mm 34 kg
Impact Wrench, FCS ILM 900 M mixture engine
Mixture engine 1,7 kW 900-1800 Nm 900x1000x1450 mm 34 kg
Mechanical power wrench IMC 1400 P Petrol engine
Petrol engine 6,3 kW 1400 Nm 100 kg
Impact wrench Vessel 2-stroke / 1700Nm

The portable impact Wrench Vessel is a powerful and sturdy tool for spot maintenance of way requirements.

The one-man portable machine can be used for running on*/off of rail bolts, tightening of threaded rail fastenings, fitting or extracting of coachsrews and drilling of wooden sleepers/ties. It can take a variety of standard 1" sockets and augers.

This machine has proved itself in the rail industry over the past 25 years to be very reliable and capable of withstanding the aggressive conditions of a typical rail work site.

Technical specification:

  • Engine: Two stroke, forced, air cooled, singel cylinder
  • Displacement: 46,5cc. ­­43x32 mm (Inner bore size X stroke)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1 liter
  • Fuel mixture ratio: 1:25 /gasoline: 2 cycle oil)
  • Revolution (idling): 2700 rpm ­­± 250
  • Revolution (loaded, impact): 7120 rpm
  • Revolution (non loaded, max): 9880 rpm
  • Impact, square driver size: 25,4 mm (1")
  • Impact, Fastening torque range: 1700 Nm ( full throttle)
  • Impact, fastening torque range: 950 Nm (halv throttle)
Impact wrench Master 35 2-stroke

Impact Wrench Master 35

Technical specification:

Length: 590mm

Height: 270mm

Width: 445mm

Weight: 19kg


Engine: 2-stroke, petrol

Fastening torque: 500 - 1800 Nm

Bolt diameter: 16-32 mm (5/8” to 11/4”)

Square drive size: standard 25,4mm (1”)

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