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Hydraulic Rail Bender FCS PR 3560

Part No 5852900
Weight 116
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This machine is designed for bending all types of rails.
It consists of a sturdy welded steel frame and a hydraulic manual pump.
At the ends of the machine there are two hydraulic cylinders with a force of 37,5 tons each.
At the end of the stem, are applied articulated forming dies which have the shape of the rail web.
Hinged, in anchorage chassis, is located the articulated counter forming die, which has the shape of the web of the rail.
The counter forming die determines the point of bending of the rail.
With the machine are provided also some thicknes to position any type of track so that the web of the rail is always aligned with the forming dies and the counter forming die.

Technical data

Pulling force: 750 kN

Length: 1000 mm

Width: 650 mm

Height: 570 mm

Dry weight: 116 kg

Matrix kit for FCS PR 3560 - 2pcs for UIC 60
SAFE 5852905

Bending disc for FCS PR 3560 for UIC 60
SAFE 5852906

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