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Black Forensic 4x4x2,4 translucent top, bag, cover

Part No 572962
Weight 46
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In investigating a crime scene, it is important to ensure all traces of the perpetrator. To prevent weather damage tracks you usually need to erect a tent. The tent also prevents the view from the public during work. Safe Tracks "Speed ??Tent" is specially designed for crime scene investigations and can be used with portable CNA devices and UV light studies. The tent is looked up in seconds and there are no loose parts. The unique transparent roof lets in 98% of natural light without distorting the colors which give a very pleasant working environment. Comes with black roofing for cover-up which can be attached to the tent. PVC fabric is flame retardant and prevents shadows. The specially engineered coating on both sides makes the fabric easy to clean.

  • Pops up in 15 sec.
  • Unique Transparent roof with black cover
  • Treated canvas for easy cleaning (even inside)
  • Cover the opening light
  • Two tents can be assembled
  • Completely straight front 4x4x2,4m
  • Molds not
  • Heavy Duty stand bag
  • Non-electrically conductive
  • Ropes and nail included


References: Policemen in action using Safetrack CSI Forensic tents.

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