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PVC Tunnel Speed Tent 2,0x2,0x2,0 White/Green

Part No 5719001
Weight 27
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Standard Specifications:

 PVC coated (both sides) reinforced Flame Retardant cover. Light weight PVC material 500gms

 Translucent roof panel allowing maximum Natural light ingress (or solid colour roof)

 Rubber protected feet for extended product life

 100% waterproof seams

 Wet storage properties

 2 zip front & rear door

 Robust Die cast central joints

 Centre joint disc protection (INTEGRATED) Non Conductivity & Finger protection

 Integrated Fibreglass framework and cover material

 Non-conductive & UV protected

 2off Guy lines and pegs

 Manufacturers Guarantee

 All spares available for tent repairs



Additional options:

 Addition 4 guy points

 Tent joining

 Windows

 Company logs

 Vent tubes

 Identification pockets

 Additional lower section colours – White, Blue, Black, Green etc.

 Heavy Duty Carry bag

 Additional front and rear Zips

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