Non-rail-melting© propertySafeBond® Patented Method

The Bonding System that can attach cables anywhere on the rail...
...on the hardest Premium Rails and even on the base of the rail, if so necessary.

Non-Pipe melting© Feature. SafeBond® does not melt down the steel on the railway as for example thermite welding does.

The SafeBond® method can with great advantages also be used on pipelines for cathodic protection installations.

The patented SafeBonding® system is included in the Safetrack® Silver Line.

Since the use of harder and harder rail is increasing, the SAFEBOND® silver soldering method has been developed to meet the need for a safe and fast method to applicate electrical connections to the rails and create a Safe Bond.

Due to the fact that hardening effects are created when the temperature of the rail exceed 720°C/1328°F is the method based on that a special silver alloy(with a lower melting temperature), which is placed beneath the copper cable lug and melted by an electronically controlled energy amount powered by a 36 V DC battery unit.

Safebond® inna lödning Safebond® på olika ställen
Safebond® på rälskarv

The new lightweight PinBrazing/SafeBond unit Econect is preset to operate both systems(different guns required).

Used for over a decade by the Union Pacific RailRoad.

For sales to the US and Canada please contact our distributor in this area, Stanley Hydraulic Tools a member of the Stanley Black and Decker Group.

SafeBond® is a regisered trademark by Safetrack®, Sweden.

SafeBond®´s Patented unique features:

  • Low temperature. Even lower than the PinBrazing method and
    MUCH lower temperature compared to thermite welding.
  • Non-Pipe melting© Feature. SafeBond® does not melt down
    the steel in the Pipeline as for example thermite welding does.
  • No metallurgical impact on parent material. Safe for any steel structure.
  • Fast Method. A SafeBond® brazing takes only a few seconds.
  • Battery powered.
  • Lightweight unit. Less than 10 kg. (Econect©)
  • Safe for the operator.

SafeBond® the unique electrical cable bonding system that meet the highest metallurgical requirements for pipelines.

The Patented SafeBond® method that is developed by Safetrack has already proved its superiority during more than a decade being the only cable application method in the world to be used on the hardest Premium rails used in the railway industry.