SafePlug® / Drill plugs for Railbonds

By the Swedish national railway, TRAFIKVERKET, selected and approved method for drilled rail web connections.

Rail web electrical connection system for railbonds for signalling, return traction and earthing applications within the Rail industry.

Drilled electrical rail bond fittings for rail. Patented. 


  • Between 50(M12) and 75(M10)% Higher torque than other brands!
  • Unique, High strength, acid proof, stainless steel bolts!
  • 120Nm torque, better performance in changing ambient temperatures
  • Patented extra copper cone ensure constant contact pressure between rail and bushing!
  • Double contact surfaces
  • Simple to install - No special training needed
  • Can be installed in any kind of weather
  • For multiple cables and maximum flexible solution, see SafePlug® Combi
  • No hydraulic tool needed to expand bushing - Use Impact Wrench or torque wrench
  • Tested with 35 000A (M12), 25 000A (M10)

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Where to use drilled rail plugs?

SafePlug®, Rail drilling plug, used for connecting electrical cables and connectors to railway rails ( vignoles rail), and tramway rail, also known as grooved rail and girder rail. The cables might be for signals, power supplies and protective earthing along the railway.

To attach the drill plugs one ​​use of a rail drilling machine, and special drill for rail to drill the hole in the rail. SafePlug® bushings fitted with an impact wrench or a standard torque wrench and an installation tool that expands a tin-plated bushing into the hole. Then assemble the cable lug with the enclosed screw joint.

What does the SafePlug® so special?

Safetrack's drill plugs for rail has been developed since the existing brands in the market are not taken into account the impact of vibrations and the strong temperature differences. These temperature differences lead to that the rail expands and decreases ( constrict), substantial in size both during winter to summer, but also from night to day.

If not use SafePlug® with its patented features with the unique high-strength 10.9 stainless steel. Affected to a constant reduced contact pressure between the bushing and the rail which ultimately results in a contact fault directly or corrosion with a contact fault as a result.

Such defects may never actually occur because the drill plugs into rail usually are used for protective earthing along the track. Should these protective earthing fall, it means great danger to the track staff and for the public.  




                    SAFEPLUG® on rail

High tensile bolt
SAFEPLUG® is developed to have as low transition resistance as possible between the cable lug and the rail in total. Notonly between the rail and the bushing ( which is mounted in the hole of the rail) the SafePlugs have also as the only brand a new developed high tensile acid proof stainless steel  bolt which means that you not only have a corrosion proof solution but also have the high 10.9 classification for the bolts that allows you to tight the connection with as much as 120Nm ( other brands are just be able to tight with 80Nm) and that means that you get the best protection for temperature changes in the rail which is essential for a safe and long term plug connection.
Designed to handle large temperature differenses.        No need for heavy and expensive hydraulic tools.

Contact surface
The smart design with the patented extra copper bushing double the contact pressure and contact surface. The copper in the extra bushing ensure that the pressure on the edge of the whole does not increase which might be the case if one use steel cones. The Silver plated contact surfaces are polished during the mounting and permanently remolded and jointed together with the rail.
No hydraulic tools needed
A smart detail is that you don't need an hydraulic tool to expand the plug, you just use your torque wrench or our extremely powerful cordless impact wrench together with an small adapter. The same tool you then are using to attach the cable on the bond. No extra heavy tools to carry with you to the work site.
SAFEPLUG® advantage datasheet ( select language):
Le système de connexion par insert développé par SAFETRACK permet la liaison mécanique et électrique entre un câble et le rail.
Ce concept répond aux exigences toujours plus strictes des réseaux ferroviaires : fiabilité, résultat indépendant de l’opérateur, santé du rail préservée.