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Avskrotare. FCS-TSA 365

Hydraulisk avskrotare FCA TSA 365
160 kN
365 mm slaglängd
49 kg

Avskrot. Dubbel FCS TSA 365/2

Hydraulisk avskrotare med dubbla huvud FCS TSA 365/2

"Designed to perform the shearing and removal of the excess metal accumulated during the welding leveling in a homogeneous way the portion of the welded rail. It consists of a powerful hand pump which moves two hydraulic cylinders with the mobile blade sheared applied that in the step of removing material leans against the fixed cutting blades. The cutting blades are easily replaceable so as to adapt the tool for the profile of the rail to be processed. The long lever pump ensures minimum effort to operator while a switch determines the direction of travel of the cylinders. Two handles, placed in a well-balanced machine, allowing easy movement of the same."

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