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KRUCH Kontaktledningskomponenter


SAFETRACK är generalagent för Österrikiska KRUCH kontaktledningsprodukter. KRUCH är ett mycket välrenommerat företag som startade redan 1869.


Testa Era Kontaktledningskomponenter Hos KRUCH

Testing acc. to EN50119

Product Tests (mechanical and electric testing of complete hangers)

Catenary components will be exposed to higher and higher requests. Particularly rising speeds and the long durability requested put new challenges to technique.

"New components", that shall be released for installation in catenary systems, must be tested objectively, comparably and in a realistic way corresponding to the actual impacts and according to mandatory regulations. (fig. 1 - KRUCH development: short-gliding-hanger - approval process)

"Old components", that are already in use for several years, are to be tested for their suitability for new, increased requests. (for ex. - Dutch gliding hanger - in use for >20 years) Technical Specifications

KRUCH took notice of the market requirement for hanger testing and achieved an appropriate development and investment in testing facilities and constructed partnerships. By this KRUCH is able to test hanger systems at most versatile stressings: Lifespan tests

simulation of trains (pantographs) passing through (e.g. 2,000,000 times)
hanger lengths: 0-1000mm variable adjustable
vertical and sloping adjustability
frequency: 0-2 hertz, variable adjustable
raising / compression: up to 200mm
weight load: adjustable

Tensile loading tests

to maximum 5700N
extracting hanger clamp of the contact wire
extracting hanger clamp of catenary cable
extract the hanger wire of the clamp

Electrical tests

short circuit test (e.g. 5kA for 500ms)
long-term current test (e.g. 100A / 20min)
isolation failure


In both cases the product risk must be minimized for the regulating administrative authority! National and international standards give the arbitrative defaults for appropriate product tests.
References for KRUCH product tests:

ÖBB (A) - electrical and mechanical test of flexible hangers without thimble
ÖBB (A) - electrical and mechanical test of flexible hangers with thimble
Prorail (NL) - mechanical test of flexible hangers with thimble
Prorail (NL) - mechanical test of short gliding hangers with thimble
KRUCH (A) - test of self-developed products for international markets
RET (NL) - mechanical test of flexible hangers without thimble for 30° twisted contact wire

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