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About Safetrack

Safetrack Baavhammar AB has since 1988 supplied the railway and construction industry with machines, tools, measuring instruments and other supplies. We are a stable supplier with long experience, great technical knowledge, high level of service and strive for a close and long-term business relationship with our customers and partners.
Safetrack is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Electrical Cable Connection systems for Railways, Grounding and Cathodic Protection Industry.
Our systems: Pin Brazing, SafePlug®, SafeBond® and SafeGrip™ can supply all of the modern cable application methods to our clients all over the world.
Safetrack also specialize in Worktents, Lightings and Safety Gear for Police/Rescue and Construction.

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Impact Wrench/Sleepers Drilling Machine

→ Go to MAV 2200 B (Max moment 2200 Nm)

→ Go to MAV 4000 B (Max moment 4000 Nm)

Designed to screw and unscrew screws and nuts and to anchor the rail to the sleeper, as well as in all those operations where, in the absence of electric current, it is necessary to tighten / loosen nuts, bolts, pins, etc.

  • High torque
  • Brushless technology
  • Lightweight 6-11 kg
  • 2 LED lights for night work
  • 2 batteries for max power/minimum effort
New distributor in Libya and Malta!

We welcome Tektraco NDT to our team here at Safetrack!

Tektraco is our new distributor within Cathodic protection in Libya and Malta.

→ Click here to see our international distributor list

Smart Wheel Chocks

→ SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chock for Exposed Rail

→ SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chock for Flush Rail

SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chocks are tough enough to block a tank car, but resilient enough that the car can be pulled over the chock by a locomotive without derailing. No more trying to yank free a steel chock that is stuck under a wheel. When it’s time to move, just pull the car over the chock and retrieve the chock later.

Robust LED Hand lighting

→ To the Product

LED Hand Lamp INMP52R is widely used for inspection, emergency repair and construction emergency lighting etc. in industrial area and professional industry. Professional optical lens design, soft illumination, uniform spot, in line with GB 30734 fire protection standard.

17h run time with 330 Lumen
24h run time with 170 Lumen

Multiduct pipe

→ To the Product

Utilis multiduct is the ideal solution when several cables must be routed separately from each other.

  • Durable - Extremely resilient (SN140-150) against heavy loads. Not to be compared with other multiduct pipes on the market
  • Space-saving - The multiduct takes up considerably less space compared to separate cable pipes.

The Utilis is often used along railways and at stations, but also at road crossings, energy distribution stations, workshop structures, bridges and viaducts.

Rubber gap filler for rail flangeways

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Rubber gap filling strips to cover the rail flangeways in the public area to avoid for example bicycle accidents etc.
Can be removed so use of the rail still is possible when needed.
The profile is made of Eco EPDM, which provides 35% lower CO2 value and climate impact.

ABT8100- Laser Height & Stagger

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The ABT 8100 allows the user to take height and stagger measurements of the OHL (over head line) using a Hilti PD-E Measurement Laser. The laser is positioned at Eye-Level and features a 90º viewing prism, enabling the operator to see the desired cable and laser location marker at the same time in all weather conditions including bright sunshine.

Measurements can't get any faster and simpler than that.

The picture shows our latest delivery to NRC Group on site in Lund, Sweden.

Temporary Switch Point Lock

→ Product page

Fits rails 38-65 kg (85-142 lbs). For ex. SJ43/SJ50/BV50/UlC60.
Grips base of switch point and base of running rail.
Fine screw threads and 3-point handle hold switch point tight against running rail to within 1/32". Use when making switch stand adjustments.
Protect track repair crews and rip track workers.

Weight 10 lbs.

Padlock not included.


Cyclic Top Measurement Device (CTMD)

With a single track recording the ABT7000 enables Track Engineers to quickly identify, measure and repair Cyclic Top Faults and Trigger Points; ensuring line speed is quickly re-established without the need for a TRV recording.

→ Read more here

Head Torch "HeadStar" Dual Beam LED

HeadStar has a dual beam design offering a bright, narrow spot beam for long-distance lighting or a softer wide flood beam for close up targets, and a combined powerful 330-lumen, 130m boost beam for illuminating large areas.

Click here --> for the product

New Emergency Joint solution!

Higher clamping force and more secure locking of the joint!

The unique design of SAFETRACK's Rail Clamp, enables all the tightening force applied to the bolt to be transmitted as increased clamping force to the joint irons.

For this, Rail Clamp also uses the anti-loosening lock nut system, Hardlock, which through its concentric locking principle guarantees a performance far beyond any other manufacturer can offer today.

Read more here!

Pro-Lock Lockout Devices

For lockout valves, levers etc.
Cone-shaped head that can only be opened and locked with a Pro-Lock® lock key.

Pro-Lock® has an enormous range of possible applications – on construction sites, in industrial environments and, of course, in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. Easy to use, reliable and extremely hard wearing, Pro-Lock® is one of the most effective and versatile locking systems currently available. For maximum security applications.

Read more here!


Track Gauge SafeCheck RG-1

AT LAST - SafeCheck RG-1 is here!

Safetrack's digital track gauge RG-1 is mainly used to measure the track gauge, superelevation, check rail gauge, back to back distance and flangeway clearance. The device is easy to operate and the measuring speed is very fast. It can be used both day and night time thanks to its excellent illuminated display and is ideal for railway engineers.

Click here for more information.

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