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LED Headlight in pocket size!
10 April 2024

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A smart & bright headlamp with USB-C charging, equipped with a 120 lumen/3 watt chip LED light and a 350 lumen/5 watt COB light strip.

The lamp's innovative motion sensor enables easy activation and deactivation of the light with a simple hand movement without having to touch the lamp. Ideal for keeping your hands free while working.

  • Up to 350 Lumens
  • Ultralight (69g)
  • Runtime 3-8 hours
New distributor in Norway
26 Mar 2024

We welcome Verktøy og Maskin AS to team Safetrack!

Verktøy og Maskin AS is our new distributor for Railway in Norway.

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New distributors USA & Italy
13 Feb 2024

We welcome Vecor & E.Service to team Safetrack!

Vecor is our new distributor for Cathodic Protection in USA.
E.Service is our new distributor for Cathodic Protection & Railway in Italy.

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Battery Powered Husqvarna Rail Cutter K1 Pace Rail
15 Dec 2023

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Husqvarna K1 PACE Rail

Battery-powered rail cutting machine

Gear up with the battery-powered K1 PACE Rail – specially designed for time-critical rail work. No emissions during use and the perfect blend of power, mobility and low cost of ownership. Easy to handle thanks to weighting only 13.6kg including battery.

  • High performance
  • More freedom
  • Perfect right-angled cuts
  • No carbon dioxide emissions during use
  • Practical batteries (Part of the PACE battery system)
  • Fast, easy and safe use
Impact Wrench/Sleepers Drilling Machine
17 Nov 2023

→ Go to MAV 2200 B (Max moment 2200 Nm)

→ Go to MAV 4000 B (Max moment 4000 Nm)

Designed to screw and unscrew screws and nuts and to anchor the rail to the sleeper, as well as in all those operations where, in the absence of electric current, it is necessary to tighten / loosen nuts, bolts, pins, etc.

  • High torque
  • Brushless technology
  • Lightweight 6-11 kg
  • 2 LED lights for night work
  • 2 batteries for max power/minimum effort
New distributor in Libya and Malta!
23 Oct 2023

We welcome Tektraco NDT to our team here at Safetrack!

Tektraco is our new distributor within Cathodic protection in Libya and Malta.

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Smart Wheel Chocks
17 October 2023

→ SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chock for Exposed Rail

→ SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chock for Flush Rail

SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chocks are tough enough to block a tank car, but resilient enough that the car can be pulled over the chock by a locomotive without derailing. No more trying to yank free a steel chock that is stuck under a wheel. When it’s time to move, just pull the car over the chock and retrieve the chock later.

Robust LED Hand lighting
22 Sep 2023

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LED Hand Lamp INMP52R is widely used for inspection, emergency repair and construction emergency lighting etc. in industrial area and professional industry. Professional optical lens design, soft illumination, uniform spot, in line with GB 30734 fire protection standard.

17h run time with 330 Lumen
24h run time with 170 Lumen

Multiduct pipe
16 Maj 2023

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Utilis multiduct is the ideal solution when several cables must be routed separately from each other.

  • Durable - Extremely resilient (SN140-150) against heavy loads. Not to be compared with other multiduct pipes on the market
  • Space-saving - The multiduct takes up considerably less space compared to separate cable pipes.

The Utilis is often used along railways and at stations, but also at road crossings, energy distribution stations, workshop structures, bridges and viaducts.

Rubber gap filler for rail flangeways
12 April 2023

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Rubber gap filling strips to cover the rail flangeways in the public area to avoid for example bicycle accidents etc.
Can be removed so use of the rail still is possible when needed.
The profile is made of Eco EPDM, which provides 35% lower CO2 value and climate impact.

ABT8100- Laser Height & Stagger
15 Mar 2023

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The ABT 8100 allows the user to take height and stagger measurements of the OHL (over head line) using a Hilti PD-E Measurement Laser. The laser is positioned at Eye-Level and features a 90º viewing prism, enabling the operator to see the desired cable and laser location marker at the same time in all weather conditions including bright sunshine.

Measurements can't get any faster and simpler than that.

The picture shows our latest delivery to NRC Group on site in Lund, Sweden.

Temporary Switch Point Lock
01 Mar 2023

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Fits rails 38-65 kg (85-142 lbs). For ex. SJ43/SJ50/BV50/UlC60.
Grips base of switch point and base of running rail.
Fine screw threads and 3-point handle hold switch point tight against running rail to within 1/32". Use when making switch stand adjustments.
Protect track repair crews and rip track workers.

Weight 10 lbs.

Padlock not included.


Cyclic Top Measurement Device (CTMD)
22 Feb 2023

With a single track recording the ABT7000 enables Track Engineers to quickly identify, measure and repair Cyclic Top Faults and Trigger Points; ensuring line speed is quickly re-established without the need for a TRV recording.

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Head Torch "HeadStar" Dual Beam LED
28 Okt 2022

HeadStar has a dual beam design offering a bright, narrow spot beam for long-distance lighting or a softer wide flood beam for close up targets, and a combined powerful 330-lumen, 130m boost beam for illuminating large areas.

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New Emergency Joint solution!
05 Maj 2022

Higher clamping force and more secure locking of the joint!

The unique design of SAFETRACK's Rail Clamp, enables all the tightening force applied to the bolt to be transmitted as increased clamping force to the joint irons.

For this, Rail Clamp also uses the anti-loosening lock nut system, Hardlock, which through its concentric locking principle guarantees a performance far beyond any other manufacturer can offer today.

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Pro-Lock Lockout Devices
27 April 2022

For lockout valves, levers etc.
Cone-shaped head that can only be opened and locked with a Pro-Lock® lock key.

Pro-Lock® has an enormous range of possible applications – on construction sites, in industrial environments and, of course, in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. Easy to use, reliable and extremely hard wearing, Pro-Lock® is one of the most effective and versatile locking systems currently available. For maximum security applications.

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Track Gauge SafeCheck RG-1
03 Jan 2022

AT LAST - SafeCheck RG-1 is here!

Safetrack's digital track gauge RG-1 is mainly used to measure the track gauge, superelevation, check rail gauge, back to back distance and flangeway clearance. The device is easy to operate and the measuring speed is very fast. It can be used both day and night time thanks to its excellent illuminated display and is ideal for railway engineers.

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Vacant post
21 Oktober 2021

Vill du jobba i ett spännande företag där du har goda möjligheter att utvecklas?
Vi erbjuder våra kunder ett brett sortiment av bl.a. järnvägsrelaterade maskiner och utrustningar, samt system för applicering av kablar för signal, jord och driftströmmar. Vi är cirka 25 anställda med huvudkontor i Staffanstorps kommun samt kontor i Perth, Australien.

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Future salesman!
01 September 2021

We welcome Filip Radenkovic as an intern in our sales team for 8 weeks to come.
During this time, he will act as a practising salesman and in the meantime we will learn from him.


Good Luck Filip!

Refreshing new navigation!
26 Juli 2021

We have updated our navigation so finding what you need is easier!

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Milwaukee 18V Rail Drill
7 Juli 2021

Battery powered rail drilling machine with tool-less weldon mount for simple replacement of accessories.
Full charge within 2 hours. Only 13.3 kg without battery.
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Cordless sand-free Blaster
18 Juni 2021
  • Removes corrosion, mill scale and protective coatings
  • Surface cleanliness with Near White/White Metal appearance - no grinding or polishing during operation
  • Improves integrity of treated surfaces

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Waterproof First Aid bag with treatments
09 November 2020

100% Waterproof bag that saves lives! (incl. treatments)
Suitable for quick submersion and floats if dropped in water.
More info here:

Accident at work rescue bag cpl. set
31 Augusti 2020

A bag with equipment for work place accidents.
The backpack is waterproof in orange Hi-Vis material with highly reflective properties for maximum visibility.

Rescue bags of this kind should exist on all work places such as railways, construction sites, consulting etc.

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Solar Powered LED Area Light
13 Juli 2020

1200 Lumen, solar-powered LED Area Light with remote control and motion sensor. No cables need to be routed.

  • Powerful 10 W, 1200 Lumen output
  • Illuminates for up to 12 hours. Lights up for 15/30/60 seconds when activated
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (11.1V 4Ah)
  • Easy installation - no cables that need to be routed

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ABT4640 - Laser Height & Stagger measurement
2 Juni 2020

The ABT 4640 allows the user to take height and stagger measurements of the OHL (over head line) using a Hilti PD-E Measurement Laser.

As easy as it gets.

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Milwaukee Remote Hydraulic cable cutter
20 April 2020

Wireless remote communicates via Bluetooth® connection, removing any physical connection to the tool and allowing Linemen to make remote cuts WIRELESSLY. Cuts aluminium & copper cables up to 75 mm.

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Revolutionary Powered Respirator
12 Februari 2020

CleanSpace2 is a new generation of lightweight active respirators with no interfering hoses in the way.

Thanks to the new smart technology that activates the fan only when you breathe in, you avoid all the draft.

These motor-driven respirators were used, among other things. in the clean-up work after the fire in Notre-Dame in Paris. Watch video here.

The benefits are incredible many see some below:

• The fan is in operation only when inhaled. No draft that causes colds.

• No hoses in the way.

• No heavy battery pack in the belt.

• Light!

• Comfort!

• Meets the highest protection class with P3 TM3 filtration!

• No service needed!

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