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SafeBond Railway

SafeBond® is a Patented Portable Indirect Arc Bonding Method with unique features:

The Bonding System that can attach cables anywhere on the rail, even on the base of the hardest Premium Rails, if so necessary.
Non-Rail-Melting© Feature: SafeBond® does not melt down the steel on the railway as for example thermite welding does.

The Patented SafeBond® system that is developed by Safetrack has already proven its superiority during more than a decade being the only cable application method in the world to be used on the hardest Premium rails used in the railway industry.

Since the use of harder and harder rail is increasing, the SafeBond® silver soldering method has been developed to meet the need for a safe and fast method to applicate electrical connections to the rails and create a Safe Bond.

Due to the fact that hardening effects are created when the temperature of the rail exceed 720°C/1328°F is the method based on that a special silver alloy(with a lower melting temperature), which is placed beneath the copper cable lug and melted by an electronically controlled energy amount powered by a 36 V DC battery unit.

SafeBond® can with great advantages also be used on pipelines (highest metallurgical requirements) for cathodic protection installations.

Download SafeBond® Brochure

SafeBond® before brazingSafeBond® anywhereSafeBond® on rail jointNon-Rail-Melting© property

The new lightweight PinBrazing/SafeBond unit Econect is preset to operate both systems (different guns required).

Used for over a decade by the Union Pacific RailRoad.

For sales to the US and Canada please contact our distributor in this area, Stanley Hydraulic Tools a member of the Stanley Black and Decker Group.

SafeBond®'s Patented unique features:

  • Low temperature. Even lower than the PinBrazing method and
    MUCH lower temperature compared to thermite welding.
  • Non-Pipe melting© Feature. SafeBond® does not melt down
    the steel in the Pipeline as for example thermite welding does.
  • No metallurgical impact on parent material. Safe for any steel structure.
  • Fast Method. A SafeBond® brazing takes only a few seconds.
  • Battery powered.
  • Lightweight unit. Less than 10 kg. (Econect©)
  • Safe for the operator.

SafeBond® is a regisered trademark by Safetrack®, Sweden.

SafeBond® Principle

The process of applying a SafeBond® is remarkably easy. The whole process takes just 1-2 minutes.

1. Grind the surface (rail). The grinding machines are either powered with the SafeBond® unit or cordless.
Grind the surface

2. Apply a small amount of the special SafeBond® Flux on the rail and on the top of the cable lug.
Flux on lug

3. Insert the braze electrode and ferrule in the gun.
Insert the braze electrode and ferrule in the gun

4. Hold the gun against the cable lug and the rail.
Safebond® on rail

5. Pull the trigger. The process is completed automatically after a few seconds.
Braze with Safebond®


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