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Digitalt Spårmått RCAD 1435mm /utan internminne
Digitalt Spårmått V&P 1435mm

Digitalt Spårmått RCAD 1435mm /utan internminne

Art nr: 97249
Vikt (kg) 2.5
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Digital switch gauge and cant measuring device from Vogel & plötcher.
The benefits of digital measuring with this device are convincing: the use of the device is simplified and an even higher level of accuracy and safety is offered, too.
It shows the measured values on a clear LCD-display. This means that all required data are easily seen at a glance while reading errors or inaccuracies are successfully avoided.
Because of the back-illuminated LCD-display measurement operations in gloaming or darkness are also supported.

  • digital measuring
  • data capture with accuracy of 1/10 mm
  • illuminated LCD-display
  • values can be saved on SD-memorycard

Effective ranges (for gauge 1435 mm)
Track gauge: 1366 - 1475 mm                 (Spårvidd)
Check rail gauge: 1346 - 1455 mm           (Styrviddsmått)
Back-to-back distance: 1326 - 1435 mm   (Avstånd mellan moträler)
Flangeway clearance: 20 - 128 mm          (Flänsrännan)
Cant: ± 200 mm                                     (Rälsförhöjning)

Dimension and weight:
Length x Width x Height: 104 x 1618 x 156 mm
Weight: 2,8 Kg

Special features
The device is insulated and officially approved by DB.
Power supply by 2 x 1.5 V batteries (type AA).

This is available for other track gauges, too.
(i.e. 1000 mm, 1524 mm, 1668 mm).
By default the device's electronics are prepared for operation from -10°C up to +45°C.
In general any measurement below 0°C may cause restrictions or poor results due to ice on track, temperature influence on material etc. Furthermore the LCD display reacts more slowly and battery lifetime is reduced, too, at low temperature.

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