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Safetrack's overall goal is for customers, authorities and employees to have confidence in our organization and our products. We achieve this through continuous improvement of:

  • Develop new products that meet customer requirements, own requirements and applicable authority requirements and take into account the environmental impact that the products generate.
  • Able to guide customers when choosing equipment and components.
  • Produce in an ergonomic, safe and rational way, without errors occurring and resource consumption being adapted to the need. Sort waste so that as much as possible can be recycled and prevent possible pollution.
  • Perform service tasks on received products that ensure continued function and reliability.
  • Meet customer requirements regarding deliveries on time and that the business meets applicable authority requirements.
  • Strive for zero accidents and minimal risk of ill-health both for own staff and for end users.
  • Safetrack shall be perceived as a flexible partner who constantly develops the business with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the environmental impact.

Our actions and direction towards all stakeholders must in all situations reflect what we stand for:

  • Professionalism and competence. Both internally and externally. Working environment and quality are prioritized.
  • Long term perspective. Profitability in the long term via strong trust and confidence from the customer and other stakeholders. Constant development to meet a changing world. Flexibility!
  • Responsibility. Over their own work so that we constantly improve and can offer our customers better and more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Zero tolerance. Against discrimination and harassment. We respect and help each other and our customers. We see our differences as an opportunity rather than a problem. We have a family culture with a good tone and straight feedback. As we ourselves want to be treated, we treat others!

All employees are involved and share the responsibilty for the realization of these commitments.

ISO 9001

Our products are manufactured carefully and to the highest standards using the ISO 9001 quality system. ISO 9001 is an international quality management system standard that sets out requirements to ensure that an organization continuously delivers high quality products and services to its customers.

By following the ISO 9001 standard, we have implemented a structured quality management system that covers all aspects of our production process. This includes close monitoring of every step of the manufacturing process, from material handling and production methods to quality controls and compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

We take measures to ensure that our employees are well trained and aware of their responsibilities in terms of quality. By providing training and continuously evaluating our processes, we strive to constantly improve and optimize our production operations.

The ISO 9001 standard also requires us to establish and maintain an effective document management and traceability system. This means that we carefully document and record every step and every decision made during the manufacturing process. This enables us to track and identify any problems or anomalies, and take immediate action to correct them.

By following the ISO 9001 standard, we can guarantee that our product is manufactured with accuracy and meets high quality requirements. We strive to offer our customers a reliable and durable product that meets their needs and expectations. Our commitment to work according to the ISO 9001 standard is a clear indication of our pursuit of quality and continuous improvement.

ISO 14001

Safetrack has adopted the environmental management system ISO 14001 as the basis for our environmental work. ISO 14001 is an international standard that aims to help organizations to streamline their environmental performance and reduce their impact on the environment.

We work actively to identify and assess the environmental aspects and environmental impact that our operations generate. By mapping and analyzing these aspects, we can implement appropriate measures to reduce negative effects and promote sustainability.

Our operations have established clear environmental goals and action plans to achieve these goals. We strive to reduce our energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and water use. By integrating environmental aspects into our business planning and decision-making, we take active responsibility for our environmental impact.

We conduct regular training and awareness-raising activities to engage our employees and increase their knowledge of environmental issues. By involving the entire organization, we create a strong environmental culture and promote a proactive approach to minimizing our impact on the environment.

To ensure that our environmental management system works effectively and is continuously improved, we conduct regular internal and external audits. We evaluate our processes, monitor our performance and take steps to continuously improve our environmental performance.

By following ISO 14001 and integrating environmental aspects into our daily work, we take an active responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainable development. We strive to be a forerunner in our industry in terms of environmental performance and work continuously to reduce our environmental impact.

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