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About Safetrack

Safetrack Baavhammar AB contribute with great technical knowledge and service since 1988 with supplies to the railway and construction industry of machines, tools, measuring instrument and other supplies.  

Furthermore is Safetrack the leading manufacturer of electrial connection systems for Railways, Grounding and Cathodic Protection Industry.
With systems such as Pin Brazing, SafePlug®, SafeBond® in assortment we can supply any of the modern cable application method to our clients.

Worktents and Lightings fore Police/Rescue and Construction is areas in which Safetrack has made itself a well known name.
We always strive for long-term cooperation with users, customers, suppliers and other partners.


Kummler Matter
Sheerspeed shelters

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Safetrack News

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ABT4640 - Laser Height & Stagger measurement
2 Juni 2020

The ABT 4640 allows the user to take height and stagger measurements of the OHL (over head line) using a Hilti PD-E Measurement Laser.

As easy as it gets.

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Milwaukee Remote Hydraulic cable cutter
20 April 2020

Wireless remote communicates via Bluetooth® connection, removing any physical connection to the tool and allowing Linemen to make remote cuts WIRELESSLY. Cuts aluminium & copper cables up to 75 mm.

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Revolutionary Powered Respirator
12 Februari 2020

CleanSpace2 is a new generation of lightweight active respirators with no interfering hoses in the way.

Thanks to the new smart technology that activates the fan only when you breathe in, you avoid all the draft.

These motor-driven respirators were used, among other things. in the clean-up work after the fire in Notre-Dame in Paris. Watch video here.

The benefits are incredible many see some below:

• The fan is in operation only when inhaled. No draft that causes colds.

• No hoses in the way.

• No heavy battery pack in the belt.

• Light!

• Comfort!

• Meets the highest protection class with P3 TM3 filtration!

• No service needed!

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Portable Floodlight 16,000 Lumen
12 December 2019

Solaris Pro is the latest addition in the renown NightSearcher Solaris floodlight range.

16,000 Lumen in an extremely compact, portable and light weight floodlight.

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Smart Pepper Spray with TEXT message
8 November 2019

This is what you've been looking for!
With the Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray, we are transforming the pepper spray industry, globally.
The Smart Pepper Spray combines pepper spray with several other features - including automatic location texts and phone calls to your emergency contacts - all to maximize your chances of escaping an assault.

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