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Fault Locator SICO 3017

Part No 97326500
Weight (kg) 2.7
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The Insulation Fault Locator SICO 3017 ISKO is the perfect device to locate all required connections, e. g.

- when installing track circuits or trap circuits
- when locating faults.

Faults regarding line breaks, short circuits and transition resistances can be located in the following areas:

- Rails and sleepers
- Insulated joints,
- Impedance bond transformers,
- S-connectors,
- Balancing connections,
- Electric power supply and output on track circuits,
- Heating insulation
- Earth cables and
- Jump cables.

It locates inch by inch defective insulations and faulty contacts in tracks. It is even possible to detect faults on hidden parts of plants, e. g.

- Track rods under the pavement
- Track rods and shunting bonds under pavement, asphalt or concrete
- Loop detection equipment (track loops).

Faults are detected by signal tracking.
The operating frequencies of track circuits, trap circuits, automatic train control, and loop detection equipment (track loops) are used as test signal.
In case there is no operating frequency as test signal trackable, a small transportable Generator, which is included in delivery, supports your work.
With the Sensor the test signal is tracked and made audible by a loudspeaker.

The SICO 3017 ISKO finds independently the strongest test signal and adapts automatically on the level ratio.
It is made of a lightweight and premium-quality synthetic material.
The Sensor is continuously adjustable in length, which makes it easier to transport it in a normal transport case.

The Roller guide is excellent to be used on rails which are even with the ground (i.e. tramways).
The Generator can be installed on the rail head or web of rail with a permanent magnet.


Max. distance for fault finding with Generator: 250 m ... 400 m

Indication: acoustic, numerical

Operating time
- Sensor: 5 hours (20°C, 1.5V, 1500mAh)
- Transmitter: 2 hours (20°C, 1.5V, 1500mAh)
Operating frequency range Sensor: 0.1 kHz … 120.0 kHz
Operating frequency Transmitter: 102.4 kHz +/- 2 kHz

Power supply
- Sensor: 2 batteries / rechargeable batteries, size AA
- Transmitter: 4 batteries / rechargeable batteries, size AA
Operating temperature range: -20°C ... +55°C
Protection degree: IP42

- Sensor with batteries: approx. 600 g
- Transmitter with batteries: approx. 1200 g
Transport length / Operating length Sensor: 57 cm / 100 cm


- Sensor
- Generator
- Roller guide
- Transport bag
- 6 batteries, size AA
- Philipps screwdriver
- Manual
- Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according BS EN 10204

Optional accessories

- Connecting cable 0.5m, red, 4mm
- Connecting cable 2m, red, 4mm


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